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DAVEY EDWARDS Manager A Proud Marine veteran, waterfowl hunting addict and 2010 founder of Bones Boat Company, Davey has always known that being at the forefront of innovation means the old way just won’t do. Today Davey is the Manager for Go Gear Direct, and the link that connects manufacturers of superior innovation and services to consumers seeking unique gear.
What's Your Favorite Hunt
Flags on the 48
Go Gear Adventures

Flags on the 48

This past September I was invited to be part of an event that remembers the past and honors it by...

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Sock Snob
Gear Reviews

Sock Snob

Introducing Ullerware | US sourced and made Merino Wool made for the toughest environments

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It's a Vet thing. You wouldn't understand. Happy Veteran's Day!
Getting your duck hunting gear out of the rafters.
Waterfowl Hunting | Good ducks gone bad!

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