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1 Rifle/Cross Bow and 1 Handgun aperture | A peep sight aperture that maximizes your shooting group without sacrificing tactical awareness.

Product Description

EyePal® Master Kit aids shooters by focusing their sight on the target picture and nothing else. EyePal® is made from static cling material and sticks to the surface of any shooting glasses, prescription glasses, or other outdoors eyewear.  Eyepals work with Red Dots and really shine when helping you sharpen in the target with iron sights.

  • Rifle aperture - Silver print with smaller aperture is in the RIGHT

  • Handgun/Bow aperture - Gold print with the larger aperture is in the LEFT.

Finding your line of sight is easy.

  • Archer | imagine where you are looking through your glasses at full draw. The line of sight is located near the bridge of your glasses. Put the EyePal there. Draw again. Look through the EyePal peep sight. If you have to change your head position, you now know where you have to move the EyePal. Once placed where the EyePal works for you, you will know where to place it in the future. It is important to have your head in a comfortable position while at full draw.

  • Rifle and Cross-bow shooter | it is automatic that your line of sight will be close to the bridge of your glasses because you "lean" into the gun to obtain the desired cheekweld. A comfortable cheekweld along with the optical axis of the eye will be the determining factors of final EyePal placement.

  • Handgun shooters | the desired sight line can be found by taking your stance and aiming your handgun. Then with the free hand, put the EyePal on your glasses in your line of sight. Once you take your particular stance you may find that you need to reposition the EyePal slightly to get it right for you.  Special Note:  Open-eyed Handgun shooters can use both EyePals to get binocular vision.

The Eyepal® is covered by 2 patents: #7,886,477 and #8,418,395


  • Lightweight and durable static cling material, makes it easy to take on and off of reading, prescription and safety glasses
  • Quick sight acquisition with a nice sight picture in perfect focus using iron sights and Red/Green dots.
  • All kits include a storage case and an instruction card.
  • Made in the USA

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