Dead Fowl Wood Duck

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When something looks like a duck, feels like a duck and smells like a duck… it usually is. Not this time!

Product Description

The Dokken’s Large Ducks Dead Fowl Trainer has uniqueness and purpose written all over it. Front and center is the hard-plastic head that is attached to the main body with a heavy cord. This innovative design is perfect in discouraging the bad habit of violently shaking a retrieved bird. A quick knock to the gun dog’s snout helps curb this action. The hard feet encourage the retriever to secure the trainer in the soft middle, scent injected body area.


  • The bodies are made of a soft natural-feel foam
  • Floats even when punctured
  • Size is approximately 5" in diameter (14.5" girth) and 18" long from tip of the bill to tip of the tail
  • USA Made

Dokken Dog
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14.4 oz
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