CanCooker Jr.

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The CanCooker Jr. is the little brother to the Original CanCooker with non-stick coating.  The perfect size to feed a family.

Product Description

Use the power of steam to cook on any heat source - from stovestops to campfires to barbecue grills. The Cancooker is made from food grade anodized Aluminum. Featuring high temperature silicone gaskets, steam is trapped once water reaches the boiling point. The steam will keep your meals tender, and prevent food from sticking to the side of the container.

Always cook with low to medium heat to prevent damage to your CanCooker.  Turkey burners are not recommended, and will void the warranty.


  • 2 gallon capacity - feeds up to 8
  • Use on any heat source from stovetop to campfire to barbecue grill
  • Riveted heavy-duty handles for transportation from heat source to table
  • Vented lid relieves extra pressure, and safely clamps the lid in place

2.125 lbs
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