Bundle and Save - Disc Golf - Kit for you and your Dog

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Pick the items you need for you and your dog for this Disc Golf season.

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    When it comes to bundling, the more you add, the more you save. So, start building your custom bundle with the gear you want, skip the gear you don't, and watch the savings grow.

    Ready: Pick Your Starting Point.

    The first thing on your gear list is the gear focus. From shotgun cleaning kits to a Shockwave home defense pack, or even a steel target system, we've created the perfect starting points to accommodate a variety of situations, needs and adventures - and the list keeps on growing.

    Set: Add Items To Your Bundle.

    Next, is to assemble your bundle by scanning the different gear options. If it's a cleaning kit you're building, you may see a variety of options for brush calibers, solvents, and even cleaning pads. The gear options are shown in tiles and you simply need to click “Add to Bundle” for the items you need. Additional gear information will appear if you click the 'i' in the top left of the gear tile. Keep in mind, the more gear you select, the more you save. And as you grow the number of items in your bundle your discount will be shown in the top right of the screen. Here's how discounting works:

    • $25-$50 combined orders receive 5% off and free shipping!
    • Combined orders over $50 receive 15% off and free shipping!

    Bundle!: Add To Cart & Purchase.

    Once you add the first item to your bundle, a status bar will appear at the top showing the number of items in your bundle, a button to view your bundle summary, and sum of your building discount. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the bundle price and simply click "Add to Cart" once your bundle is built.

    And of course, if you need additional help with buidling your own custom bundle, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Pick Your WeGone Shirts
    Disc Golf | Performance Seafoam | Small
    Disc Golf | Performance Seafoam | Small
    Disc Golf | Performance Seafoam | Medium
    Disc Golf | Performance Seafoam | Large
    Disc Golf | Performance Seafoam | Extra Large
    Disc Golf | Performance Seafoam | 2 Extra Large
    Disc Golf | Performance | Small
    Disc Golf | Performance | Medium
    Disc Golf | Performance | Large
    Disc Golf | Performance | Extra Large
    Disc Golf | Performance | 2 Extra Large
    Pick and Disc-Go-Flying DisK and other Toys
    The Disc-Go-Dog Flying Disk
    The Ultimate Tug Toy - Yellow
    The Ultimate Tug Toy - Red
    The Ultimate Tug Toy - Safety Orange
    The Ultimate Tug Toy - Green
    The Ultimate Tug Toy - Olive Drab
    The Ultimate Tug Toy - Blue
    The Game Changer -Yellow
    The Game Changer - Red
    The Game Changer-Safety Orange
    The Game Changer -Green
    Out of Stock
    The Game Changer - Blue
    The Perfect Little Bone - Yellow
    Out of Stock
    The Perfect Little Bone - Red
    The Perfect Little Bone - Safety Orange
    The Perfect Little Bone - Green
    The Perfect Little Bone - Olive Drab
    The Perfect Little Bone - Blue
    Pick your Drinkware
    ORCA Chaser 27 oz. | Realtree Camouflage
    ORCA Chaser 27 oz. | Kryptek Highlander
    ORCA Chaser 27 oz. | Mossy Oak Breakup Country
    ORCA Chaser Cafe
    One Nation Traditional / Blue
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