Build Your Own Cable Gun Cleaning Kit

Build your firearm cleaning system around the Otis Memory-Flex cleaning cables, and you're equipped for a proper clean Breech-to-Muzzle. Compatible with all Otis cleaning components, these flexible, nylon-coated cables boast 750 pounds of pull strength, and come in a variety of lengths to ensure a proper fit with all your calibers. Your Memory-Flex cable comes with a caliber-specific bronze and nylon brush, and you can complete your system for optimal cleaning and maintaining by selecting additional components found below.

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    Pick Your Cable.
    30" Cleaning Cable, T-Handle Stud, T-Handle
    30" Cleaning Cable, T-Handle Stud, T-Handle
    Pick Your Calibers.
    .22 Cal - Bronze and Nylon Bore Brush
    .25 Cal - Bronze and Nylon Bore Brush
    270, 7mm, 280, 284 Cal - Bronze and Nylon Bore Brush
    30 cal - Bronze and Nylon Bore Brush
    12ga bore brushes - 2 pack
    20ga bore brushes - 2 pack
    .50 Caliber - bore brushes - 2 pack
    16 ga bore brushes - 2 pack
    Pick Your Brushes.
    1 Blue Nylon 2 Ended Brush
    1 Bronze 2 Ended Brush
    1 Nylon 2 Ended Brush
    3 Pack Brushes (2 Nylon/1 Blue Nylon)
    3 Pack Brushes (Nylon/Blue Nylon/Bronze)
    Blue Nylon 2 Ended Brushes - 3 Pack
    Firearm Protectant - 4 oz aerosol
    O85 CLP - 4 oz aerosol
    Bio CLP - 2 oz
    Firearm Lubricant - 4 oz aerosol
    Rand CLP - 4 oz bottle
    Rand CLP - 2 oz bottle
    Rand CLP - .6 oz bottle
    Rand Bore and Bolt - 10 oz Aerosol
    Rand Bore and Bolt - 4 oz Bottle
    Rand Bore and Bolt - 2 oz Bottle
    Rand CLP | Combo Pack
    Pick Your Patches and Eyelets
    2" Small Caliber Cleaning Patches 50 Pack
    2" Small Caliber Cleaning Patches 100 Pack
    3" Cleaning Patches - 50 Pack
    3" Cleaning Patches - 100 Pack
    Small Slotted Tip
    Large Slotted Tip
    Shotgun Slotted Tip
    Pick Some Finishing Touches
    Pistol Pad
    Rifle Pad
    Zerust® Gun Plug
    Microfiber Gun Cloth - 3 Pack
    Swab-its 9 piece Gun-tips
    Swab-its .22 Bore Whips | 3 pack
    Swab-its 9mm Bore-Sticks
    Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning Swab
    Bore Reflector
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