Hog Hunt Kit Builder

Price As Built

Pick the items you need for your pig hunting tailgate.



You'll Save

    If you don't need everything that the Go Gear Team put in our kit, choose what you do need.

    Large Gear Box
    + $14.99
    Medium Gear Box
    + $9.99
    Small Gear Box
    + $5.99
    Rifle Pad 2 Pack
    + $12.99
    Pistol Pad 6 Pack
    + $12.99
    Hunt with a Light

    5 Options

    66LRX Gun Hunters Package Red Green and White
    + $244.99
    66LRX Gun Hunters Package Red Green and 850nmIR
    + $244.99
    50LRX Gun Hunters Red Green 850IR
    + $239.99
    50LRX Gun Hunters Red Green White
    + $239.99
    38LRX Gun Hunters R-G-850IR
    + $234.99
    Keep it Hot

    You have options in the field

    ORCA Rocket 12oz bottle or can Insulator
    + $19.99
    One Nation Traditional / Blue
    + $39.99
    Mossy Oak Breakup Country
    + $39.99
    Kryptek Highlander
    + $39.99
    ORCA Chaser Café
    + $19.99
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