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  1. Tentsile safari stingray | Beige, Brown

    The Safari Stingray is the biggest and most durable Tree Tent in the world. Built to fit 3 people inside, …

  2. Tentsile stealth | Selectable

    The Stealth Tree Tent is a 3-person, modular tent with a fully removable insect mesh and rain cover!

  3. Tentsile safari connect | Beige, Brown

    The Safari Connect is one of the most robust 2 person tents in the world, and can handle the toughest envi…

  4. Tentsile Stingray | Selectable

    The Stingray is Tentsile's 3 person groundbreaking tree tent. An evolution of the hammock tent, this uniqu…

  5. Tentsile vista | Selectable

    The Vista Tree test is the perfect hangout for you and two of your friends. Featuring three open sides and…

  6. Tentsile-Flite+-Selectable

    The Flite+ is our ultralight two-person Tree Tent - the perfect size for camping and adventuring deep into…

  7. Tentsile Connect | Selectable

    The Connect is our two-person Tree Tent, that allows you and a friend to experience a whole new level of f…

  8. Tentsile Trillium XL | Black Mesh

    Trillium XL is our incredible, double-sized, triple hammock! It is the most durable hammock on the market …

  9. Tentsile Trillium| Fresh Green

    Reinforced with car seat belt and secured by heavy-duty ratchets,Trillium is an incredibly safe triple ham…

  10. Tentsile-T-Mini | Selectable

    The T-Mini is the perfect lightweight tree hammock. This spacious two-person hammock is a perfect size for…

  11. Tentsile Una | Selectable

    The UNA is a new addition to the fleet! This single-person  Tent has a removable rain fly and offers …


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