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17 Items

  1. Folding Feather Knife

    EverSpark technology for quick and easy fire starting.

  2. Carabiner & Clip Set

    Use with your Charlotte's Webbing Camp Organizer, or wherever else you many need a quick and easy clip.

  3. Charlotte's Web Camp Organizer

    12' of lightweight, durable webbing made from recycled plastic (doing our part for this beautiful world in…

  4. Poo Pouch

    If you have a dog, it poops, and you have to clean up that poop somehow. And dog poop bags help you do jus…

    As low as $13.95
  5. Handled Pot Gripper w Adapter

    Do you have your camp kitchen handled? The Handled is not just a lightweight, comfortable and secure pot g…

  6. Handled Pot Gripper Tool

    Lift a hot pot off your fuel cooker or campfire with the sturdy, light outdoor element Handled pot gripper…

  7. Camp Kitchen Cleaning Kit

    Keep that camp kitchen clean with OE's cleaning kit. Kit contains 2 silicone sponges and 1 wash towel.

  8. Phoenix Combo Hunting Survival Knife Set

    You can carry each knife separately or together using the attachment hardware in the Phoenix Talon. The sh…

  9. Phoenix Feather Caping Blade

    A perfect companion to the Phoenix Talon or great by itself. Made from ultra strong D2 steel that holds an…

  10. Phoenix Talon Survival Hunting Knife

    Take your survival and hunting to the next level with the Phoenix Talon. Made with D2 tool steel that hold…

  11. Firebiner National Park | Selectable

    Taking pride in your nation's national treasures and protecting your life in one multi-functional tool is …

    As low as $14.95
  12. Outdoor Element Kodiak | Selectable

    A true survival paracord bracelet that could actually save your life. It is so much more than just rope on…

    As low as $24.99

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