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  1. Renegade, Remington 700 Long Action, M5/DBM Rifle Stock

    The Renegade uses a beavertail forearm that is wider and flatter than most stocks making it suitable for t…

  2. Remington 700 Action Grayboe DBM

    Remington 700 Action Grayboe DBM

    As low as $161

    The Ridgeback, Remington 700 Short Action Rifle Stock comes standard with an adjustable length of pull, fl…

    As low as $621
  4. Terrain, Remington 700 Short Action Rifle Stock

    The Terrain fully addresses the essence of a streamlined and minimalistic rifle stock design. Its smooth a…

  5. Outlander, Remington 700 Long Action Rifle Stock

    The Outlander is a traditional hunting stock. With a straight comb and traditional swooped back pistol gri…


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