BAD-ASS-PRO Reversible 90/60 Ambidextrous Safety Selector for AR15

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From BAD (Battle Arms Development), upgrade your AR15 with the BAD-ASS-PRO Reversible 90/60 Ambidextrous Safety Selector.

Product Description

This professional-grade, semi-auto safety selector is the perfect upgrade to your AR-15. It comes standard with a reversible throw safety center with 0°-90° and 0°-60° short-throw options. The standard and short safety levers are fully interchangeable and modular to accommodate left or right-handed shooters.

The new BAD-ASS-PRO is now 100% compatible with all known AR variant lower receivers, and triggers designed to work with the "Mil-Spec" AR-15 semi-auto safeties. No short-throw relief cut on your lower receiver is required to use the ambidextrous safety; simply use the provided short-throw markings sticker! If a trigger it will work with a "Mil-Spec" AR-15 semi-auto safety, it will work with the new BAD-ASS-PRO!

No more broken screws! No wiggling levers!  The new patent-pending dovetail design and internal locking mechanism make it impossible to shear off the screw head because there is no screw head! Do not settle for spring-loaded detents that never give your safety lever that positive lock of confidence and worry about losing the small parts. The new BAD-ASS-PRO locking mechanism is robust, reliable and something you can depend your life on! The new internal locking set screw will not fall out and it is self-locking; no thread-locker is necessary! The new 5/64” set screw is also designed to resist stripping.


  • Modular Assembly
  • Ambidextrous control
  • Reversible 60 or 90 throw options
  • Dovetail attachment for fastener free assembly

Aero Precision USA
0.688 oz
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