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250 Lumens | This light weight headlamp offers three modes of operation which are spot, flood and red. Best part? They're all dimmable.

Product Description

The Axis is made in Princeton Tec's NJ factory and it has all the functionality you could ever need in a headlamp. This product is one that is used most around here on a daily basis. Whether we are heading to the blind in the dark or looking for something around the warehouse, this is our go to.

Beam Distance and Burn Time for the 4 modes

4 modes/dimmableBurntime (hours)Beam Distance (meters
Dual Beam High 50  35 29 2
Dual Beam Low 67  31 26 2
Spot High 14 32 26 3
Spot Low 75 17 17 10
Flood High 34 15 12 7
Flood Low 102 8 8 6
Red High 15 7 6 6
Red Low 109 3 3 3


  • Use the smooth flood beam for up-close work, then simply twist the dial when a powerful, long-reaching spot beam is needed
  • Red mode preserves night-time vision
  • 3 AAA batteries provide a long-lasting and easy-to-replace power source
  • Made in the USA

Princeton Tec
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