A2 Birdcage Fake Flash Hider for AR-15 with Non-threaded Barrels


Looks can be deceiving! The Tacticool22 Muzzle Protector protects your muzzle from dings and scratches, while simulating the traditional look of an A2 flash hider.

Product Description

The Tacticool22 Muzzle Protector for non-threaded barrels looks identical to the A2 birdcage flash hider/suppressor, but this is simply a standard thread protector.

This easily attaches to the factory-finished plain muzzle or non-threaded barrel with two set screws, and fits bayonets.

Note: This a “fake” flash hider. The slots do not go through to the bore, so the flash is not hidden or suppressed, and there is no cooling or dispersing of the burning gases that exit the muzzle.


  • Fits barrels from .670 to .750 inch diameter, including tapered barrels.
  • Flat black, hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Held in place with two set screws that are flush when tightened.
  • 11 degree target crown.

Made To:

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Firearm Brand
Multiple Brands
Firearm Model
Modern Sporting Rifle
4 oz
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