MSR Cleaning Jags


This superior jag system will help you clean and maintain your modern sporting rifle. "The Proof is in the Patch"

Product Description

For the first time ever, this revolutionary new tool allows you to easily clean and lubricate the upper receiver on AR-10 style rifles. This tool easily works with the interrupted cuts in the AR-10 receiver. The unique o-rings design of this jag holds onto the patch for the entire process, allowing you to scrub the action and remove burnt on built up gas residue. This tool is also excellent for applying lubricant to the action. This product has standard 5/16x27 threads that fit our new New TCS Manufacturingtm AR-15 Upper and Buffer Tube Cleaning Rod and all standard shotgun rods and adapters.

Made To:

TCS Manufacturing
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Firearm Brand
Multiple Brands
Firearm Model
Modern Sporting Rifle
1.6 oz
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