.30 cal & up cleaning rods


Perfect, rotating rifle clean rod. Revolutionize the way you clean your firearms. “The proof is on the patch”.

Product Description

This rod is perfect for cleaning rifles 30 caliber and above. Go Gear Direct carries this rotating, solid aluminum shaft rod in two lengths, 22" and 28". The rotation allows the jag/patch to follow the rifling. The master Gunsmith, David Dentico, was thoughtful in the design of the ergonomic handle and construction. It uses industry standard 8/32 threads and will work will all standard cleaning tips, loops, and brushes but of course, we think it works with the TCS jags and patch. 100% of these products are made and assembled in the US. This system will dramatically cut down on mess, smell, expense and cleaning time.


  • Rotates to match rifling

Made To:

TCS Manufacturing
.30 cal
Allow Giftwrapper
6.4 oz
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