25 and 100 Yard Zeroing Target

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Rite in the Rain's 25 & 100 Yard Zeroing Target has multiple target options on both sides depending on your practice choice.

Product Description

Rite in the Rain's 25 & 100 Yard Zeroing Target won't leave you up the creek when the weather gets angry. Their weatherproof paper is designed to withstand mother nature's wettest days and keep shot evaluations accurate.


  • Side A is intended for 25-yard zeroing and features a high-contrast MOA grid for intuitive adjustment without the need to repeatedly run downrange. 6 confirmation bullseyes ensure that you're locked in following your adjustment
  • Side B is intended for 100-yard zeroing. A high-contrast MOA grid stays out of the way so that you can easily locate your group, but provides enough guidance to make a precise adjustment right from the shooting bench
  • High-contrast reticle identifies shot placement at greater distance
  • Made in the USA

Rite in the Rain
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