1300 Gertsner Knife Niche | Selectable


The all-in-one Knife Niche provides attractive storage for your kitchen knives and a hearty cutting board to test them out on!

Product Description

The Knife Niche by Gerstner gives you a way to conveniently store your cutting utensils right where you need them. This system incorporates a removable cutting board which hides your sharpest kitchen knives from any little hands that may visiting. Whether used on your counter top or hanging on your wall you won't think twice about safety.

12-5/8" Wide x 16-3/4"Tall x 4"Deep


  • Single Handed Operation
  • Mix and match wood choice for Niche and cutting board
  • Can be used countertop, hanging on a wall, or installed on the end of a kitchen island
  • Made in the USA

H. Gerstner & Sons
Allow Giftwrapper
10 lbs
Drawer Dimensions #07
Not applicable
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